Di adiós a la caída del cabello

Te despiertas por la mañana, te cepillas el cabello rápidamente y notas que se cae un puñado de cabello. ¿Deberías estar preocupado? ¿Qué está causando esto? Tal vez sea el estrés relacionado con el trabajo, o podría ser la dieta reciente que siguió, lo que le provocó algún tipo de desnutrición.

Hair loss is very common these days. Stress could be one cause, which accelerates as we age; diets can be another cause. Through a lack of nutrients, it could lead to dry and lifeless hair, and eventually hair loss. To prevent hair loss, one should relax, eat healthy and exercise. However, all of this takes persistence over a long period of time. MD® Nutri Hair, in less than one month, could help you get fuller, thicker, and younger-looking hair.

MD® Nutri Hair is especially designed for women who suffer from hair loss, oily hair, and thinning hair. It contains rich plant extracts, especially Lilac extract, which addresses excess BHT. It also has very high anti-oxidant value to protect against environmental causes of aging. At the same time, it helps control oil to reduce greasiness on the scalp; and reduces inflammation to encourage the scalp’s natural recovery. Within 30 days, you could have fuller and healthier-looking hair!