Pérdida del cabello: mitos y verdades

Hereditary Hair Loss Affects 40% of Men and 25% of Women in the U.S.

Si usted es uno de los millones de estadounidenses que sufren pérdida de cabello, escuche esto. Los resultados de una encuesta realizada por Wakefield Research, revelan que muchos están perdidos en lo que respecta a la caída del cabello. Conozca los hechos de la ficción.

Mito #1: Hair loss only comes from my mother’s side of the family. What We Think: 30% still say hair loss comes only from the mother’s side.

La verdad: Don’t blame your maternal grandfather, just yet. Experts, say hair loss can come from either side of the family.

Mito #2: Stress causes hair loss. What We Think: 77% think stress causes hair loss.

La verdad: Stress cannot cause hair loss. This is the No. 1 myth when it comes to hair loss. Factors such as crash diets, certain medications and hormones from pregnancy and thyroid conditions can cause temporary hair loss, or Telogen Effluvium. This type of hair loss is strictly temporary and hair will grow back on its own.

Mito #3: Wearing a hat too frequently or over blow-drying hair can cause hair loss. What We Think: More than a third think that frequently wearing a hat or overstyling hair can cause hair loss.

La verdad: Doctors say 95% of all hair loss is hereditary. Know the difference between actual hair loss and damaged hair. A good test: Run your fingers through your hair and eight to ten hairs come out with the bulb attached, this may indicate excessive hair loss.

Mito #4: Hair vitamins and thickening shampoos, conditioners and serums can treat hair loss. What We Think: Nearly half would try hair vitamins like Biotin to treat thinning hair.

La verdad: Things like hair vitamins, healthy diet, hair-thickening shampoos, conditioners and serums may help keep hair health but they will not regrow hair.  Users of MD Nutri hair will note decrease hair shed 2 weeks after using and with continue use return of long, full  beautiful looking hair.

Mito #5: There is no effective treatment for hair loss. What We Think: Americans are undecided. Exactly half think there is no effective treatment for hair loss.

La verdad: There are a lot of smoke and mirrors. Go with what works. Rogaine is the only topical brand FDA-approved to regrow hair, for men and woman Other options include prescription medication finasteride, sold under the brand name Propecia (approved for men only), low-level laser light therapy, and hair transplantation. MD Hair by Dr. Susan Lin is clinically tested natural solution.  Look for it in CVS or call  Zakera for extra strength formulation we reserve for our patients.